Foods Course Satisfaction Survey

It's that time of year again when evaluations are coming out.  It's only fair if I am evaluating you that you evaluate the course itself. Your evaluation will remain completely anonymous, and will not affect your final mark in this course in any way.  It is meant to tailor the course and style of instruction to the needs of the students.  By providing your feedback you are helping to improve the course for future generations of students.

Please take the time to fill out the survey. Follow the link below:

Click here to complete survey 

Thanks, and it's been a great year!

Ms. Kropac

  Foods Exam Review

Trying to study for the exam?  Find the review below.  Also, a helpful overview of the course can be found by clicking here. 

HFA Review.pdf HFA Review.pdf
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Type : pdf
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This site is meant to act as a supplement and not a substitute for class.  It provides you with all the materials covered from class, as well as extra copies of handouts, and important date.

Simply click on your course code to see all class materials.  This might include handouts, PowerPoint, videos, and a brief discussion of all the things we have done up to that point.

If you are simply looking for a due date, check the course calender.  And if you lost an assignment check the handout link. 

Best of Luck!

Ms. Kropac

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