Introduction:  Who are you and what is your dream job? 

  • Differentiated between a job and a career
  • Identified dream jobs
  • Examined people who are in their dream jobs, and their tips for success

Job vs career.pdf Job vs career.pdf
Size : 124.001 Kb
Type : pdf
Dream Jobs.pdf Dream Jobs.pdf
Size : 44.739 Kb
Type : pdf

Requirements to Graduate 

  • Examined requirments to graduate high school
  • Took a diagnostic quiz
  • Assigned "letter to cousin" assignment

Requirements to Grad.pdf Requirements to Grad.pdf
Size : 98.036 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter to Cousin.pdf Letter to Cousin.pdf
Size : 89.427 Kb
Type : pdf

Resumes and Cover Letters 

  • Tips on how to build a resume.
  • Resume examples
  • Cover Letter examples

resume.ppt resume.ppt
Size : 2094 Kb
Type : ppt

Safety Bonus Assignment

This assignment may count as extra credit IF you have successfully completed all other assignments

Follow this link: 

Read the '7 Things you better know' section

Take the Health and Safety Quiz 

Record YOUR answers along with the CORRECT answers on a seperate sheet of paper and submit. 

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