Researching? Confused on a topic in class?  Interested in learning more about a topic?  These sites might just help!


How to reference an online article. 


Psych Central:

Information on several topics in psychology including personality, behaviour, and neuroscience. 

American Psychological Association:

Links to several psychology article and studies that can be used for research. 

Articles, Research, and Resources in Psychology:

Lots of free full text articles about psychology. 

BBC Science and Nature: The Mind:

A fun interactive way to explore psychology


This is a US site that discusses both micro and macronutrients.. Search your nutrient, go to "Health Professional Sheet" then scroll down to Intakes and Statuses.

Food Additives


This should help you complete your Ice Cream fiid lab.



Saftey At Work Statistics

This site provides you with Canadian saftey statistics.  What sectors of industry report the most injuries?  What are some of the injuries they resport?



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