This section of the website is meant to help guide you through your project.  It provides you with a helpful links, copies of handouts, and a guiding calendar that is meant to keep you on track.  

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Your survey is meant to act as market research.  Once you have a basic idea of the product that you would like to create, use your survey to fine tune your product and give the people what they want!  You can ask questions regarding

  • What is most important to consumers (price, taste, health, ect.)
  • What do they want the product to be like (flavour, texture, colour, ect)
  • How much are they willing to pay?
  • What are their thoughts on packaging?
  • What trends are most important to them?
  • How important is convienance?
  • What are some marketing strategies they might respond to?
Remember your survey must be a minimum of 15 questions, and you must survey 30 people.  Try to keep your survey concise, and always have a purpose to each question.  Avoid open ended questions and wording that might lead participants to answer a certain way. 

Nutritional Information

In this section you will be calculating the nutritional value of your food item. In order to do so, use the following steps:

1) Determine what ingredient ingredients you will need in your recipe.

2) Determine how much of each ingredient you will need in your recipe.

3) Determine the nutritional information of each individual ingredient using an online nutritional calculator. This information MUST include calories, grams of fat, milligrams of sodium, grams of carbohydrates, grams of sugar, grams of fibre, grams of protein as well as at least 3 other vitamins.  You may wish to include any other information you find important.

4) Add up the nutritional information of each individual ingredient to determine the nutritional information for your batch.

5) Consider serving size.  Will one batch be a serving size, or will you have more than one serving per batch?  Divide you batch nutritional information by number of servings to get information about each serving size.

6) Determine percent daily value.  How many grams of that nutrient are required in a day?  What proportion of this nutrient does your recipe provide? You must provide DVs for Calories, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Fat, and Protein, Sodium, as well as whatever vitamins you include.

Example:  A serving of your recipe provides 8 grams of protein.  The AVERAGE DRI(daily recommended intake) for Canadians for protein is about 51g.  Therefore your recipe represents 16% of your DV of protein. 

Helpful Links

Calculate Nutritional Information

    • This is a nutrition database.  The site adds ingredients from a recipie together(most ingredients available) to tell you batch nutritional value.

Generate A Nutritional Label 

    • This site generates your label for you.  Plus in your values per serving size, and it produces a ready to go food label.  It also calculate % daily value for you!

DRIs for Macronutients

DRIs for Micronutrients


Your package is the first thing that your consumers will see.  Remember, the role of your package is to:

      • Contain your product: Make it as convenient as possible for consumers!
      • Advertise: Make sure your logo and a few of your main selling points are clearly visible.
      • Convey information:  What minimum information is required?  Remember, you must include your ingredients list as well as a nutritional label. 
Things you need to consider when creating your packaging:
  • What type of material will you us?
    • Plastic, glass, paper, or metal.  Which is the best choice for your product and why?  You COULD use a new type of packaging as well if you feel is it better suited.  These are available here: Packaging mediums NEW packaging materials
  • Is your packaging going to be sustainable?
    • Is this something that is important to consumers?  This could also act as selling point for your product as well.
  • You must also consider secondary and tertiary packaging.  How are you going to transfer your product?
  • You must include ONE nutritional claim. (Remember these from class).  Make sure your nutrition label is consistent with your nutritional claim.
On JUNE 10th  you must have a prototype of your packaging to show us.  These will be used in presentations. Make it as realistic as possible, but you may wish to include a sketch of what it would ACTUALLY look like if you had the proper technology


Remember, this section is you trying to sell us your product.  Think Dragon's Den.  What is your product?  How is it different? What does it offer?

Your presentation itself will take place over 3 to 5 minutes.

Your presentation must include

  • An introduction
  • What is your product, what are the benefits, why do we want to buy it, what does the market research say?
  • At least ONE visual
    • A poster, a slideshow, a Prezi, a collage.  Your product itself DOES NOT count.
  • Your product itself with the packaging completed
  • An interactive component
  • Something that puts your presentation above and beyond.  Some creative ideas may include blind taste test comparing similar products, a commercial video you shot yourself.
Your presentation should be short, to the point, and wow us!

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