Why do we eat? (March 18)

  • Discussed why we eat
  • Discussed factors that affect food choice
  • Took a note: 5 Factors Affecting Food Choice
  • Watched video about food addiction

MindMap- Why do we Eat foods.pdf MindMap- Why do we Eat foods.pdf
Size : 72.546 Kb
Type : pdf

  Perspectives on Eating(March 19) 

  • Looked at the historical, biological, and psychological perspectives about why we eat
  • Filled in note 'Perspectives on Food'
  • Watched video on Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Read 'Eating and Stress' and answered questions

Perspectives on food PPT.mov Perspectives on food PPT.mov
Size : 3424.167 Kb
Type : mov
perspectives on eating.pdf perspectives on eating.pdf
Size : 29.264 Kb
Type : pdf

CLICK HERE To Read Eating and Stress article 

Factors that Affect Food Choice: Economics (March 20)  

  • Calculated the cost of healthy eating vs the cost of eating at fast food restaurants
Fast Fod Diet.pdf Fast Fod Diet.pdf
Size : 513.188 Kb
Type : pdf
nutritious_food_basket_2012.pdf nutritious_food_basket_2012.pdf
Size : 42.776 Kb
Type : pdf
Class Data.pdf Class Data.pdf
Size : 28.724 Kb
Type : pdf

Eating in Pregnancy and Childhood  (March 22)  

  • Watched video what to eat in pregnancy.
  • Took notes from PowerPoint on food required during pregnancy and foods to stay away from during pregnancy.
  • Taste tested baby foods


pregnancy: childhood.ppt pregnancy: childhood.ppt
Size : 3517 Kb
Type : ppt
pregnancy: childhood note.pdf pregnancy: childhood note.pdf
Size : 18.298 Kb
Type : pdf

Eating to Support Athletes (March 25 or 27)  

  • Completed the day you were not in the food lab
  • Read article and completed questions

Athletes.pdf Athletes.pdf
Size : 97.945 Kb
Type : pdf

Eating in Adolescence/ Male vs Female(March 26) 

  • Looked at specific nutrients teens need to support their growth
  • Discussed differences between male and female diets
  • Took note from PowerPoint
  • Watched Teen Only Eats Chicken Nuggets

Teens.ppt Teens.ppt
Size : 2856 Kb
Type : ppt

Obesity Epidemic/Fast Food(March 28)

  • Matched sugar content of drinks and matched fat contents of fast foods.
  • Looked at growing obesity epidemic, possible causes, and solutions.
  • Took note from PowerPoint

Vegan/Vegetarian Diets (April 2)

  • Guest speaker (Ms Shelton) covered ethical reasons one right become a vegan.
  • Ms Kropac covered nutritional requirements of becoming a vegetarian.


Veganism.ppt Veganism.ppt
Size : 2671.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Veggie.pdf Veggie.pdf
Size : 350.141 Kb
Type : pdf

Eating for Wellness (April 4) 

  • Discussed the idea of using food to prevent illness.
  • Filled out note from PowerPoint
  • researched 5 ailments, and how they might be cured by food. 

Eating for Wellness.pdf Eating for Wellness.pdf
Size : 52.829 Kb
Type : pdf
eating for health.ppt eating for health.ppt
Size : 4308.5 Kb
Type : ppt

Lifecycle Case Studies (April 5)

  •  Planned specific diets for various individuals at different stages in life (review).

Lifecycle Nutrition Case studies.pages Lifecycle Nutrition Case studies.pages
Size : 158.918 Kb
Type : pages

 Eating Disorders (April 8th and 9th)

  • Discussed types of eating disorders, risk factors, causes
  • Read 'Eating Disorder Article' and answer questions

Eating Disorders.ppt Eating Disorders.ppt
Size : 2696.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Eating Disorders Article.pdf Eating Disorders Article.pdf
Size : 92.81 Kb
Type : pdf
Eating Disorder Questions.pdf Eating Disorder Questions.pdf
Size : 23.331 Kb
Type : pdf

Unit 2 Final Project 

Unit 2 project.pdf Unit 2 project.pdf
Size : 56.036 Kb
Type : pdf
Display.pdf Display.pdf
Size : 22.231 Kb
Type : pdf

Unit 2 Test Review 

Unit 2 Review.pdf Unit 2 Review.pdf
Size : 37.455 Kb
Type : pdf

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