Factors Affecting the Food Supply Chain: Political and Economic Factors (Apr. 23)

  •  Looked what is the food supply chain
  • 4 economic factors that affect the food supply chain
  • 3 political factors that affect the food supply chain
  • Read Quinoa article

economic and political.ppt economic and political.ppt
Size : 2055.5 Kb
Type : ppt

Factors Affecting the Food Supply Chain:Environmental and Biological Factors (Apr. 24)

  • Examined 3 forms of biotechnology that influence food, took a closer look at cling wrap
  • Looked at environmental factors that affect the food supply chain
  • Took a closer look at GMO's


Biological and biotechnology.ppt Biological and biotechnology.ppt
Size : 2592 Kb
Type : ppt

Global Food Crisis (Apr. 25)

  • Global Hunger Statistics
  • 10 Reasons for the global food crisis
  • Watched video, ways to solve

Global Food Crisis.ppt Global Food Crisis.ppt
Size : 1988.5 Kb
Type : ppt
global food crisis.pdf global food crisis.pdf
Size : 34.826 Kb
Type : pdf

Physical Factors and Food Choice (Apr 26)

  •  Student led class, discussed how various physical factors affect food choice
  • Looked at geographic location, storage capacity, 

Physical Factors.ppt Physical Factors.ppt
Size : 3054 Kb
Type : ppt
Physical Organizer.pdf Physical Organizer.pdf
Size : 20.721 Kb
Type : pdf

Eat Local (Apr 27)

  •  Examined reasons to eat local including supporting local economy, good freshness, and food miles.

eat local note.pdf eat local note.pdf
Size : 724.534 Kb
Type : pdf
eat local.ppt eat local.ppt
Size : 4126 Kb
Type : ppt

Staple Grains and Canadian Foods (Apr 29)

  • What are 'Canadadian foods'
  • What is a staple grain and what factors affect staple grain choice
  • Groceries from around the world

Staple Grain Note.pdf Staple Grain Note.pdf
Size : 51.858 Kb
Type : pdf
Staple foods.ppt Staple foods.ppt
Size : 4301 Kb
Type : ppt

Cultural Cuisine (Apr 30)

  • Examined three cultures cuisines, and why the eat the foods they do
  • Samples!

ethnic food.ppt ethnic food.ppt
Size : 4898 Kb
Type : ppt

Food Lab/ Food Crisis Case Study (May 1/3)

  •  HALF were in food lab completing local food lab, the other HALF were in library completing food crisis questions. 

CrisisQuestions.pdf CrisisQuestions.pdf
Size : 33.812 Kb
Type : pdf
Haiti.pdf Haiti.pdf
Size : 51.432 Kb
Type : pdf
Niger.pdf Niger.pdf
Size : 51.978 Kb
Type : pdf

Food Security (May 6)

  • Defined food security
  • Examined factors that affect food security
  • Looked at 3 types of solutions to help Canada's food insecurity issues

food security.ppt food security.ppt
Size : 4462.5 Kb
Type : ppt

Water Crisis (May 7)

  • Defined the global water crisis
  • Looked at why water is a necessity and reasons it is growing scarce
  • Brainstromed ways to conserve water

water crisis.ppt water crisis.ppt
Size : 5030 Kb
Type : ppt

Unit 3 Final Project

Unit 3 project.pdf Unit 3 project.pdf
Size : 45.376 Kb
Type : pdf
unit 3 rubric.pdf unit 3 rubric.pdf
Size : 40.768 Kb
Type : pdf
Unit 3 example.pdf Unit 3 example.pdf
Size : 2969.114 Kb
Type : pdf

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