Food Safety and Food Bourne Illness (Feb 4, 5, & 6)

  • Introduced the course outline
  • Used the book to identify common food bourne illnesses and listed prevention methods
  • Watched kitchen safety videos and signed kitchen safety contract
  • Discussed the causes of common types of food poisoning, and why prevention methods are so important.
  • Differentiated between food allergies and food intolerances

food safety terms HANDOUT.pdf food safety terms HANDOUT.pdf
Size : 111.272 Kb
Type : pdf
Foodborne Illness Chart.pdf Foodborne Illness Chart.pdf
Size : 38.475 Kb
Type : pdf
food bourne illness and allergies.ppt food bourne illness and allergies.ppt
Size : 3964.5 Kb
Type : ppt

The Science of Cinnamon Rolls (and other baked goods) ( Feb 7)

  •  Read about the chemistry involved in baking
  • Examined the role of gluten, leavening agents, baking soda, baking powder, yeast, and other ingredients.
  • Started work on first food lab: Valentines cupcakes OR Valentine's brownies
  • Food lab due Monday

Science of Cinnamon Role Resources.pdf Science of Cinnamon Role Resources.pdf
Size : 91.867 Kb
Type : pdf

The Science of Flavour (Feb 8)

  •  Examined factors that determine flavour
  • Included taste, smell, mouthfeel and sound
  • Watched video "Science of Taste"
  • Read "Taste and Temperature", a recent study released by Brock University
  • Used candy to demonstrate the different areas of taste on the tongue

Science of Flavor Questions.pdf Science of Flavor Questions.pdf
Size : 52.864 Kb
Type : pdf
Science of taste.key Science of taste.key
Size : 4812.203 Kb
Type : key

Carbohydrates and the Role of Fibre ( Feb 12)

  • Identified the six main nutrients, differentiated between macro and mico
  • Looked at carbohydrates and the role in the body, categorized into simple and complex
  • Planned how to incorporate more fibre into your diet by looking at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

CarbsHandout.pdf CarbsHandout.pdf
Size : 95.878 Kb
Type : pdf
Carbs.ppt Carbs.ppt
Size : 4271 Kb
Type : ppt

Fats and Proteins ( Feb 13 & Feb 14)

  • The day you were NOT in the food lab you answered "Macronutrient Question Sheet" about fats and proteins

Protein_booklet_e.pdf Protein_booklet_e.pdf
Size : 233.061 Kb
Type : pdf
Macronutrient Qs.pdf Macronutrient Qs.pdf
Size : 28.433 Kb
Type : pdf
Fats.pdf Fats.pdf
Size : 1623.059 Kb
Type : pdf

Vitamins, Minerals, and Vitamin Deficiencies  ( Feb 19- 22) 

  • Differentiated between fat and water soluble vitamins
  • Identified the roles of Vitamins A -K in the body
  • Looked at deficiency and toxicity symptoms of the vitamins
  • Looked at the role of minerals in the body, and deficiency and toxicity symptoms 
  • Presented one assigned vitamin, had to get the class to guess which vitamin based on deficiency symptoms.

vitman.ppt vitman.ppt
Size : 4280.5 Kb
Type : ppt

Water   ( Feb 25) 

  • Learned about the role of water in the body
  • Looked at various water contents of food


Digestion and Absorption( Feb 26 - 28) 

  • Watched Science of Digestion video and filled in note
  • Completed digestion activity by using jigsaw activity
  • Discussed tips on how to promote a healthy digestion
  • Defined metabolism, how to calculate it, how to boost it
  • Wathed Magic School Bus digestion episode


digestion.pdf digestion.pdf
Size : 76.135 Kb
Type : pdf
metabolism & digestion.ppt metabolism & digestion.ppt
Size : 4245.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Digestion2.pdf Digestion2.pdf
Size : 55.956 Kb
Type : pdf

 Aiding Digestion and Preservation of Nutrients

metabolism & digestion.ppt metabolism & digestion.ppt
Size : 4245.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Preserving Nutrients.ppt Preserving Nutrients.ppt
Size : 4077.5 Kb
Type : ppt

 Test Review and Unit Project Examples 

Review.pdf Review.pdf
Size : 35.737 Kb
Type : pdf
Vitamin:Mineral Cheat Sheet.pdf Vitamin:Mineral Cheat Sheet.pdf
Size : 27.629 Kb
Type : pdf
ProjectExampleArticle.pdf ProjectExampleArticle.pdf
Size : 29.553 Kb
Type : pdf
ProjectExamplesData.pdf ProjectExamplesData.pdf
Size : 46.115 Kb
Type : pdf

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